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Hi Folks it is that time of year again.

Christmas Party night

Wednesday 16th December 2015

starting 7 pm for everyone

Dogs please bring your owners along to join in the games with you

Eats will be provided for the owners




Hi Folks

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Unfortunately the Church just advised us that they have emergency building works going on today and that we have to cancel our classes tonight (28/10)  because of health and safety concerns

Apologies for any inconvenience but we will be back to normal next week, for trick and treat night




make a date in your diaries of test night for the Silver and Gold classes

  there will only be one class that night, the 6:30 puppy class, no other classes

Wednesday 12th August 2015

7:15 pm



On Saturday 6th June 2015 our wonderful members from puppy to gold class put on a demonstration of the Good Citizens Dog Scheme.

It went so well we have been asked to come back next year . thank you to all who took part 

Please have a look at our photo gallery 





Dog Showing

For those of us that have non pedigree dogs or are new to dog showing attending the local shows and competing in the novelty class is all good fun and a great day out to have with all the family.

Companion and Fun Dog Shows are fundraising events held throughout the year and the shows are mostly organised in conjunction with fetes, charity open days or similar events to raise money for charitable causes.

They are very relaxed and informal and offer the opportunity to practice your teamwork and confidence with your dog in the show ring.

For the local shows a little coat preparation is always good – short-coated breeds do not require too much preparation before they go into the ring but if your breed has a long coat, or is usually presented in a certain style it could take you some time to prepare your dog to perfection. Most people give their dogs a bath prior to the show and a quick brush before going into the show ring.

There is often car parking – but not always ringside. It is important to try and find a shaded area to park up so that you can offer a cool place for your dog to rest in between classes.

As an alternative, you can take garden seats or a blanket to sit on you can have a ringside seat quite literally and see what is going on. Take water for your dog and a damp towel on very hot days to help them cool down.

Even at small shows you will find refreshments and toilets along with stalls selling a variety of items form dog foods to charity products.

On arrival at the show, visit the entries table and obtain a copy of the schedule so you can select the classes you would like to enter – the schedule should offer detailed definitions of each class. You can enter as many classes as your dog is eligible for and that you wish to compete in.

Once you have chosen which class or classes you would like to compete in you must complete the entry form – found at the entry desk. Most shows are run in accordance with Kennel Club rules, by signing the entry you are declaring that your dog is fit and healthy to take part in the show, and that you will abide by Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. This is essential to the management of the show and for the sport in general.

If you need help with making your entry or deciding which classes to enter then just ask, as the people organising the show will be more than happy to help you.

Once you have entered you will be given a number on a card, you need to display this when in the ring so you can be identified.

If you get the chance watch the judging to give you an idea as to what the judge is looking for; watch the steward listen to instructions; how the other exhibitors handle their dogs; how to behave in the ring and familiarise yourself with the actual mechanics of showing your dog.

At larger multi-breed shows you will also have the chance to see all sorts of other breeds in the show ring. Strolling around the showground provides a good opportunity to talk to other dog owners and learn about other breeds of dog. At larger shows there are also likely to be plenty of trade stands selling all manner of dog paraphernalia, from dog food to coats, leads, grooming equipment and kennels. There may also be book stalls, stands selling clothing and all sorts of arts and crafts for sale.

So top tips

  • Prepare a show bag for your dog containing your grooming kit, leads, water bowls, poop scoop, treats etc.
  • On hot days be prepared to seek shade with your dog – take a cage and cover it of an umbrella or park under a tree – never leave you dog in a car
  • Check what you are wearing is comfortable and decent– particularly as you are likely to be bending over!
  • Arrive at the showground in plenty of time to be able to make your entries and make the final preparations.
  • Keep your eye on the judging and do not miss your class!
  • And most of all enjoy the day with your dog.

Good Luck !!!!!